SKU: Move HR 2

18.000 KD 18.0 KWD

18.000 KD

Sponge Move HR 2

18.000 KD 18.0 KWD

18.000 KD


Large and Colored Screen
Sponge Move HR 2 has a coloured IPS, 0,96 inch screen that is touch-sensitive. Adjust the screen to your character by picking a preferred screen theme.

Receive notifications about incoming calls, Facebook, Gmail, Skype and other messages on the screen. Access them at any time, as they are stored in the internal memory. Nonetheless, you can reject incoming calls by a single tap on the screen.

Training Modes
Train more effectively with 7 different training modes. Whether you are running, cycling or playing tennis, you will be able to check the duration, moving speed, traveled distance, heart rate, achieved goals and other data.

ResistanceSponge Move HR 2 is resistant to water splashes (IP67), dust and sweat, so it will perfectly suit your active lifestyle.

Real Time Heart Rate Monitor
During training, the wristband displays your heart rate, so you will be able to optimize the intensity by seeing which cardio zone you are in – fat burn, aerobic, anaerobic, etc.

Easy Charging and Long-lasting Battery
The battery of Sponge Move HR 2 stays charged for up to 7 days. The charging itself just can’t be easier – simply plug the wristband to a USB port for half an hour, with no extra wires, and go back to training!

Sleep Monitoring and Silent Alarm
With Move HR 2 you will be able to watch over your sleep phases. With the help of the vibrating alarm, integrated into the bracelet, you can wake up with little to no stress and minimal noise.

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