3.500 KD 3.5 KWD

3.500 KD

NiteIze KeyRing Locker™ S-Biner® Aluminum

3.500 KD 3.5 KWD

3.500 KD




-A BETTER WAY TO HOLD YOUR KEYS - This keychain pairs a 1" solid, stainless steel ring with five lightweight yet sturdy aluminum S-Biners to securely hold, attach, remove, and identify keys.

-SAY GOODBYE TO SPLIT RINGS - With the included double-gated locking S-Biners, one side clips to your key ring while the other clips to your key - no need for frustrating split rings.

-HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL KEY RING - This keychain includes a solid 1" stainless steel ring to securely hold the five S-Biners through years of constant wear and tear.

-TWIST-TO-LOCK SECURITY AND SIMPLICITY - The aluminum S-Biner MicroLocks each securely hold up to three keys, with a simple twist of the center lever to lock the gates.

-ASSORTED COLORS TO IDENTIFY KEYS - The vibrant assortment of anodized color coatings on each MicroLock allow you to easily organize and identify the key you need at a moment's notice.

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