The iBaby Wall Mount Kit allows you to place your smart iBaby Monitor anywhere, giving you access to a clear bird’s-eye view of your baby’s nursery. Compatible with the iBaby Care M7, M6S, M6T, and M6- you can attach the wall mount anywhere in the nursery including your baby’s crib or any solid surface. With the iBaby Wall Mount Kit, you have a heightened security and clearer view of every detail that goes on in your baby’s nursery.
8.500 KD 6.000 KD 6.0 KWD

Capture moments with Sponge Surfcam, a camera featuring high-quality video recording, water resistance and convenient attachment to different locations / items / surfaces. Sponge Surfcam supports 1080p 60fps video and 12 megapixel picture quality. A special, waterproof tray will allow you to dive to a depth of 30 meters. Thanks to the integrated 2 ″ screen, you can easily control the camera. Wi-Fi lets you connect your phone to a camcorder and view video, change settings, or remotely control the camera.

From the beaten to the professional

Sponge Surfcam filming 1080p 30/60 fps, 720p 120fps, 4k 25 fps. Enjoy high quality slow-motion video. Now with the Sponge Surfcam image is much brighter and more realistic. The wide 170-degree shooting angle will cover the image at a wide angle, making your footage more attractive.

Capture the most extreme moments

A special waterproof and dustproof case will give you the opportunity to capture the most extreme moments. With Sponge Surfcam, you'll be able to drill at a depth of 30 meters, attach the camera to a sailboat, helmet, bike, motorcycle, car or other items.

Wi-Fi management

Sponge Surfcam has built-in Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect the camera to a mobile phone or tablet. A special gadget will allow you to monitor and manage your image in real time, change settings, view captured moments
35.000 KD 17.500 KD 17.5 KWD
Take care of your little one with the iBaby Care M7, a new parenting tool with a brand new take on traditional baby monitors. Carefully crafted to meet the needs of all new and hardworking parents, the iBaby Care M7 with smart and unique features is a personal assistant to help your parenting experience.

iBaby Care M7 Features include:

● Full HD 1080p video resolution with Infrared night vision
● Built-in moonlight soother
● 360° pan and 140° tilt with the swipe of your finger
● Two-way audio speakers that allow you to talk and listen to your baby when you’re away
● Dual-band Wi-Fi router support (2.4GHz and 5GHz)
● Less than 60 second installation
● Free downloadable app available with many customizable alerts
● Compatible with Apple and most Android smartphones and tablets
85.000 KD 37.000 KD 37.0 KWD
The compact iBaby Care M2S is fully loaded with smart characteristics that promote early childhood education and child safety. With a large collection of early childhood audible content that includes music, lullabies, bedtime stories and white noises, parent’s can challenge their children’s intellect through the free iBaby Care app.

1080p video with high resolution and crystal clear night vision
A wide variety of audible content that includes music, lullabies, white noises and bedtime stories
Smart sensors for adequate temperature and humidity
Get sound and motion alerts with pictures and videos
2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency
Compatible with most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets
Add MP3 music or connect to iTunes or Google library
Full privacy control
Sleep mode
60-second installation lets users enjoy their monitor right away
50.000 KD 19.000 KD 19.0 KWD

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