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Maximum Protection, Minimum BulkRhinoShield’s ShockSpread™ technology gives you 11 feet (3.5m) drop protection without having to cover up your phone. The raised lip provides excellent screen and camera protection despite the exposed-back design.A record-breaking Kickstarter project, the CrashGuard bumper is ultra light and thin as 3 credit cards. Its curved edges follow the original phone contours, staying true to your phone’s design. Our redesigned buttons provide a satisfying clickiness when pressed.
6.000 KD 1.000 KD 1.0 KWD
OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Clearly Protected Skin + Alpha Glass
2.500 KD 1.500 KD 1.5 KWD
Put your phone on display with the clear Galaxy S8+ case that protects against drops, dings and scratches.
6.000 KD 1.500 KD 1.5 KWD

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