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This case REQUIRES use of Smart Keyboard Folio (Smart Keyboard Folio IS NOT included) and features a living hinge to move seamlessly with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio's multiple position stand. NOT COMPATIBLE with Magic Keyboard
Feather-light construction with impact resistant soft core
Non-slip ruggedized grip with easy access to touchscreen and ports
Built-in Apple Pencil holder and compatible with Apple Pencil Pairing/Charging
Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6)
15.000 KD 15.0 KWD
The Air Omni is a unique 6-in-1 multiple-device wireless charging station capable of charging all your Apple and Android devices. Charge your Apple Watch upright or flat using the built-in module and use the toggle to quickly switch between the Lightning and Type-C plug to fast charge your mobile, tablet, or Nintendo Switch. Place your Qi-supported phone or earbuds on the wireless charging pads for convenient, positionless charging.

[6 in 1 Charging Station] The PITAKA Air Omni charging station can simultaneously charge up to 6 different devices. There are 3 wireless charging areas for your phone, wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch, and 3 additional charging areas for your tablet and other devices. Charge a tablet both horizontally and vertically, allowing use while charging.

[Uninterrupted Wireless Charging] PITAKA’s Chain-coil technology offers positionless charging for your phone and earbuds, allowing you to place your device anywhere on the pad. Charge your earbuds at 5 Watts, iPhone at 7 Watts, and up to 10 Watts for Android devices. The built-in Apple Watch charger can charge your smartwatch both flat or upright with the push of a button.

[18W Fast Charging Lightning and Type-C Connector] Choose between the Lightning and Type-C, depending on your device. With the back panel folded up, simply press the button to easily switch between the connectors and charge your Apple or Android devices, including your mobile, tablet, or Nintendo Switch.

[Stylish Design Made with Premium Materials] Designed using premium aerospace-grade aramid fibre that is smooth, light, and extremely durable. Aramid is highly scratch and flame resistant, soft to the touch and easy to clean. Unlike carbon fibre, aramid fibre is not conductive and, therefore, safe to use as part of a wireless charging pad.

[Saves Time and Space] Eliminates the clutter of having multiple cables and chargers by providing all your charging needs in one place. Store small personal items, such as sims cards and jewellery in the LED-lit drawer. The Air Omni's compact design allows it to be stored or transported easily.
63.000 KD 63.0 KWD
High quality/high strength tempered glass manufactured in Japan
9H hardness for superior scratch resistance
Oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating
Ultra thin (0.2mm)
12.000 KD 12.0 KWD
**NOT COMPATIBLE with Smart Keyboard Folio or Magic Keyboard.
Feather-light composite construction with impact resistant soft core
Water resistant soft tactile grip material with adjustable stand with auto wake/sleep folio cover
Built-in Apple Pencil holder and compatible with Apple Pencil pairing/charging
Oversized tactile buttons and easy access to buttons and ports. Meets military drop test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
19.500 KD 19.5 KWD

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