- GLOW IN THE DARK MARKER WITH CLIP FOR VISIBILITY ANYWHERE - The lasting ultra-bright glow provides extreme visibility anywhere you clip it
- PATENTED NEXTGLO TECHNOLOGY SHINES BRIGHTLY + LASTS FOR HOURS - Photoluminescent technology allows these markers to charge for just minutes but glow brightly for hours
- CHARGES WITH ALL LIGHT SOURCES - Recharging with both sunlight or artificial indoor light, this unrivaled glow-in-the-dark technology is so bright it even glows in the daytime
- INCLUDED S-BINER MICROLOCK FOR CLIPPABILITY - Use the MicroLock to clip it to key chains, zipper pulls, backpacks, and more

The NextGlo Visibility Marker by Nite Ize isn’t like any other glow-in-the-dark product you’ve seen before. The patented photoluminescent technology allows maximum glowing in a variety of colors making these perfect for nighttime identification as well as visibility. This high-performing, long-persistence glow technology charges in minutes and lasts for hours. With the ability to regain its glow power from any light source, including both natural and artificial sources, NextGlo Visibility Markers are perfect for everything from tent zipper pulls, keys, backpacks, and more. These Visibility Markers easily attach and detach using the including S-Biner MicroLock, making it even easier to find what you need when you need it – day or night.

Color: Yellow

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