SKU: PB96B300

89.500 KD 89.5 KWD

89.500 KD

Asli Global Energy House Outdoor Portable 96000mAh Power Station

89.500 KD 89.5 KWD

89.500 KD


Outdoor Portable Powerstation

Type C PD 100W

300W | 400W | 96000 mAh

Vehicle charging port
output: 120W
Can be used for inflatable beds/kayaks, ect

DC port ouput: 120W
Ventilator/lamp/heating suit/digital
camera (old Afrian equipemt)

DC input
Support 100W input
Charger/solar panel/cigarette lighter
can be used for charging

USB A1/USB A2 output: 22.5W
Charging moblie phone/game console|

Type-C output: 100W Support PD 100W output Type-C interface equipment within PD 100W, such as laptop UAV/projector/digital camera/tablet/ moblie phone

Type-C Input Support PD 100W Input To achieve 100W charging, PD 100W charger and 100W Type-C cable charging are required

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