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4.250 KD

NiteIze KeyRack Locker® S-Biner® Aluminum - Assorted
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4.250 KD 4.25 KWD

4.250 KD


-A BETTER WAY TO CARRY YOUR KEYS - This keychain features an aluminum body with an integrated locking clasp and five colored aluminum S-rings to securely hold, attach, remove and identify keys.

-DURABLE ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION - The key cabinet is constructed from durable and lightweight aluminum, providing a colorful assortment of S-Biners for everyday carry.

-Wrenches and Disconnects WITHOUT SEPARATE RINGS - With Microlock's included Dual Gate S-Rings, one side attaches to the key holder while the other end attaches to your wrench, allowing you to separate and tighten connections as needed - no frustrating separate rings needed.

-SECURE WITH SIMPLE TURN - Small aluminum S-Pinner locks each securely hold up to three keys, locking gates in place with a simple twist of the center lever

-EASY KEY IDENTIFICATION - Colorful S-Binner mini padlocks come in a variety of bright colors, allowing you to instantly distinguish and identify keys. HOLDS UP TO 15 KEYS - Each S-Binner mini padlock can hold up to three key.

Color: Assorted

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