-DOUBLE GATES FOR EASY ATTACHMENT/DETACHMENT: This colorful aluminum "S" shaped carabiner has two gates so you can hook keys or gear to one side, then hook the other side to your backpack, belt loop, bag, or pocket.

-HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM - Strong, lightweight aluminum construction and stainless steel doors create long-lasting reliability and security. Dimensions: 1.6 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

-KEEPS KEYS SECURE: Upgrade your old and bulky carabiner clip to a slim and versatile aluminum S-shape bucket, keeping your keys hooked on one side while leaving the other side free to clip on and off your bag or belt.

-2 Clips for Endless Versatility: With a variety of sizes, there's an S-Biner to solve your hookup or hanging problem. Use the #4 S-Biner to hold bulky keys, connect and secure luggage, and hold small equipment and tools.

-Warning: Not for use where separation could result in bodily injury or property damage; not for climbing

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